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根据词语的不同读音标出音调并解释词语的意思,再根据意思写一句话 东西 照应 地道 孙子 声调不同读音相同的词汇 关于汉语声调的发音问题比如:拔(2声)萝卜的 拔;1,波(1)+啊(2)=拔(2)2,波(1)+啊(1)=拔(2)在读一个完整的拼音时 在读到韵母时 韵母上的声调 是否也同步读出?还是在最后成 I Just Wanted You To Know 歌词 We can choose our friends,but we inherit our relatives.这句话怎么翻译? 求英文歌名~歌词:i just wanted to know who i am如题,今天早上在HIT FM的morning call里面听到的,但是没听清楚歌名,就记得一句歌词i just wanted to know who i am,挺喜欢这首歌的,希望知道的帮忙, We should spend more time with them in our real life.这个句子spend和with搭配得当吗?以上的那个句子是我从一本考研作文指导书中摘录的高分作文的句子. people in shanghai watch Tv every day. There are all kinds of programs短文:people in shanghai watch Tv every day. There are all kinds of(). Many people ()the seven o'clock CCTV news. It lasts thirty minutes. There ()a lot of important news in He ___a lot of time explaining the reason___the people A spent,to B took,to C spent,for D took,fort我知道是用spent,但是后面的就不清楚,,还是用for 求 ina - i wanted you 之类的女声英文歌曲. He spent a lot of time reading story books last year.(改为同义句)给了固定的空:He ____ a lot of time ____ story books last year. 有没有和Ina的《I Wanted You》类似的歌? i like rabbit best.What does it look like?答句(英文) ina的 I wanted you 的空间歌曲链接不要带问号神马的 TX很坏的.无奈 it is up to sb to do sth以及他的用法, 有类似Ina的I wanted you这种类型的歌吗?越多越好,不要太老的………………3Q!数量是其次,质量得帮我把关哦! 有hope to do sth的句式,那么有没有hope sb to do sth的句式?我希望他去跑步可不可以说成是I hope he to run. stand sb.up啥意思、用于恋人之间吗?RT you can spend time with your friend and family as you play t_____ 请问一下make up sb's Spring Festival is a time for celebrating with family and friends.翻译 make sb.cheer up 翻译英语That is good.You can have a good time at home and get together with your family. 英语翻译정슬기 是一个韩国女歌手.她是出生90年的女歌手郑瑟奇好像不对 young thin tall long curly求它们的反义词 英语翻译反正前后2个字肯定对 中间的不确定 帮我找找吧 He spends a lot of time in bookstores.(写出同义句)He spends a lot of time _____books. 1.The have some problems ____(travel) out.2.The mechanics need to keep______(work) on the car Mary and Tom watch TV third times a week. 英语翻译吴什么美,对嘛中间那个字叫什么韩语翻译 Some people like apple while ( )people hate them括号填什么?不用SOME用OTHER为什么?答案是others Thank you for ()(help)me with my English.